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Cambio Coffee is an organic direct trade coffee company. We love great coffee, and travel all over the world to source the best beans from small farmers and cooperatives that are empowering their local communities through social and environmental projects.

All of our coffees are organically grown, without the use of pesticides or chemicals. We also ensure that the farms we source from do not destroy trees and natural ecosystems. The South American coffees that we source are shade grown, and our Peruvian coffee from La Florida Cooperative is certified Bird Friendly.

We are also proud to work with the Manlao Coffee Cooperative in the Pu’er region of Yunnan, China. The cooperative consists of over 3,000 small coffee growers, many of whom are ethnic minorities that have lived among the rolling hills for generations. The coop has an active poverty alleviation program and offers training for farmers to learn about organic farming and water conservation.

All of our coffees come from community-run cooperatives that offer benefits to farmers like: coffee consulting and farming assistance, coffee commercialization services, business and empowerment seminars, educational and nutritional programs for kids, small loans, and investments into communal machinery and local infrastructure.

 5% of our gross profits as a company and social enterprise are donated to Cambio Coffee’s Impact Fund, financing development projects in coffee growing communities.

The Meaning of Cambio

Cambio means change in Spanish. We are change-makers: in the Chinese coffee industry, and in the lives of coffee farmers in developing countries.

Our Objectives 

1. To support organic and eco-friendly agriculture. 


2. To partner with small farmers and cooperatives that are having a social and environmental impact in their local communities. 


3.  To cut out unnecessary intermediaries in the coffee supply chain and offer good prices directly to farmers. 

4. To increase access, traceability, and benefits for farmers along the global coffee supply chain.


5. To grow the Cambio Impact Fund, and invest into projects that benefit coffee farmers.

Our Journey So Far…

Cambio Coffee in the Media

Cambio Ventures

Cambio Coffee is proudly a part of Cambio Ventures.

Cambio Ventures is a group of social enterprises that operate globally and empower communities locally. Our portfolio currently consists of three companies: Cambio Labs—a business education and consulting platform focused on empowering small businesses and entrepreneurs; Cambio Spaces—a community-building platform that connects event organizers to local venues; and Cambio Coffee—an organic direct trade coffee company.

Although operating in diverse industries, these companies are united by their common social enterprise mission.