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Direct Trade

Cambio Coffee proudly practices direct trade. This means that our team travels all over the world to visit  coffee producing regions to build personal, long-term relationships with farmers and cooperatives.

By sourcing directly from farms, and cutting out intermediaries and traders along the coffee supply chain, we guarantee that our farmers get a better price than they would through traditional sales channels or premiums from certifications. 

 By being involved at every step of the coffee supply chain, we guarantee traceability, quality, and consistency across all of our coffees. 

We tell the story of coffee and how it goes from seed to farmer, to roast to café, and then finally to you. We empower communities – internationally in coffee producing countries, and locally at Cambio locations and events.
Sebastian Martin

Direct Impact

Through direct trade practices and regular farm visits, Cambio Coffee also ensures that all of the coffee plantations we work with are environmentally and socially responsible. 

We are proud to partner with farms and cooperatives that are using proceeds from coffee sales to invest in nutritional programs, schools, infrastructure, and job training for their local community members.

Blockchain Enabled Traceability 

To ensure maximum traceability and access to information about our supply chain, Cambio Coffee is proud to partner with ScanTrust to add SmartLabel QR Codes to Cambio Coffee’s packaging.

When customers scan this QR Code, they can access nutritional data, information about ingredients, certifications, and blockchain enabled data about the beans’ point of origin, harvest date, shipment date, and roast date.