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In the specialty coffee industry, coffee is assessed and selected according to rigorous standards developed by organizations like the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), and the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI). 

From the altitude of the farm, to the processing method used, to the balanced tasting notes you enjoy in your cup, many factors are considered during the coffee selection process.

Professional coffee tasters pay close attention to factors like: acidity, body, sweetness, balance, and aftertaste when “cupping” and scoring coffee samples.

Specialty coffee can sometimes taste like fruits, chocolate, herbs, spices, flowers, and even vegetable soup! 

By constantly tasting different coffees, and developing your palate and mental catalog of flavors along the way – you can go from coffee drinker, to enthusiast, to professionally qualified taster and connoisseur.

The Cambio Coffee team has 7+ years of professional coffee sourcing, farm assessment, roasting, and cupping experience. 

We ensure that all of our coffees are 100% Arabica beans of the highest quality, and that they score above 80 SCAA Cupping Points – qualifying them as “specialty” or gourmet quality coffee. 

Our Coffees





Honeydew Melon, Butterscotch, Elderflower


French Press or Hand Drip

This sweet and floral coffee was grown in the central jungles of Chanchamayo, Peru. Each bean was hand-picked and processed by an indigenous coffee farmer that belongs to a cooperative with over 1,200 members. 

This cooperative invests in building schools, roads, water tanks, and first aid medical outposts in the area. It also offers free seminars to the community on the subjects of business management, nutritional cooking, and female empowerment.

Our La Florida Coffee is Organic Certified by Eco Cert, and Bird Friendly Certified by The Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center (SMBC).





Apricot, Nuts, Caramel, Spice


French Press or Hand Drip

Our Naji coffee is from the idyllic region of Yunnan in Southern Central China. In a region historically known for cultivating quality tea, Pu’er provides the ideal terrior for growing specialty coffee. 

The Manlao Coffee Cooperative we work with consists of over 3,000 small coffee growers, many of whom are ethnic minorities. The coop has an active poverty alleviation program and offers training for farmers to learn about organic farming and water conservation. 

The specific farm we source from in Naji has been Organic Certified by the USDA, European Union, and China COIC. Due to recent cost constraints, the farm is practicing organic agriculture, but no longer works with international certifying bodies. They have provided the Cambio team with a comprehensive 315 Lab Report to prove that their beans are free of chemicals.



Peru & Yunnan


Roasted Fruits, Dark Chocolate, 

Maple Syrup, Nuts, Caramel, Spice



Espresso Latino is a rich blend between organic specialty-grade coffee beans directly sourced from Peru and Yunnan. The roast level is darker and blended especially for espresso. This signature blend is what we sell to wholesale clients, and is extremely popular among our clientele.