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The Cambio team takes pride in supplying the best coffee from Latin America and China – 100% organic specialty coffee that is fastidiously and responsibly sourced, whose quality and consistency of taste can stand up to any competitor. 

We are familiar with the challenges of running a cafe or F&B establishment. Our team has run a few ourselves. We know how to adapt to your established operations: how adjust your machines to make our coffee taste great; how to make simple changes to your bar to optimize workflow; how to train your staff to maintain quality and consistency when serving our coffee. We are more than just your coffee supplier. We are your partners in the pursuit of great coffee, and an unforgettable experience for your customers.




ORIGIN: Peru & Yunnan

SCAA Rating: 80+ points

Flavour Notes

Roasted Fruits, Dark Chocolate, 

Maple Syrup, Nuts & Caramel

Espresso Latino is a mix of beans from Peru and China, especially blended and roasted for wholesale partners to serve as espresso. Our signature Cambio taste is guaranteed to keep your business happy and clientele satisfied with great coffee.

  Wholesale Contract includes:


+ Training Session for Your Staff

+ Free Machine Maintenance for 1 Year

+Ongoing Support with 

Coffee Knowledge & Products



We Roast Our Coffee in Shanghai


We Deliver Fresh to our Clients

   We Collect Payments & Restock Monthly

How You Can Use Our Espresso

If you are interested in offering single origin coffees, or more of a craft coffee experience to your customers – Cambio Coffee also has a selection of medium roast coffees that are ideal for hand drip or pour over brewing techniques.




Our Wholesale Partners

Add value to your business or coffee establishment with our recognized quality coffee and brand.