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Cambio Coffee is a premium, direct trade coffee company. We import, roast, and retail gourmet quality coffee. We love great coffee, and travel all over the world to find the best organic beans. Ethically sourced and expertly grown, graded, and roasted – we are proud to introduce our specialty coffee products to Shanghai and mainland China.

Our new e-commerce website will be launched soon, where you can order coffee and brewing equipment online for home delivery. We regularly serve coffee at Shanghai Farmers’ Markets and cater events of any size. We provide coffee and training to wholesale clients, including some of the best restaurants, cafes, hotels, and offices in Shanghai. Cambio Coffee is now opening its flagship café on 861 Jiangning Lu (near Haifang Lu), scheduled to open in late October, 2014.

Exciting things are happening! And we invite you to become part of the adventure.

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我们新的电商网站近期就会上线。在这里,你可以在线订购咖啡、冲煮器具,快递会帮您送货上门。我们定期会向上海农贸市场提供咖啡服务,并且可以在任何规模的活动中提供同样的服务。我们也向需要的客户提供批发,包括在上海的一些著名餐厅,咖啡馆,酒店和公司办公室。Cambio Coffee 将于 2014年 10月的晚些时候,在江宁路 861号(近海防路)开第一家旗舰店。